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that experience can translate to FIFA 18 Coins 3D, and maintain that casual audience -- so we want to be there as that wave starts to come up."Said McGee, "The reason I originally came to China is that I wanted to get into that new model -- I wanted to get away from console game production and retail, disc-based sales." In other words, Alice 2 was a "beautiful distraction" from the company's true focus, in his words. While he expects the title to be a success, the studio is pursuing "new style

, new style monetization" here on out. While it took the team two years to create Alice 2, he expects Spicy Horse to Buy FIFA Mobile Coins develop a "game every six months or so" from this point forward -- or five games, at a minimum, over the next two years.This funding "allows us to execute on a two-year plan to bring multiple titles to market," said McGee, and that's "ignoring that we might even make a profit off of Alice" or the titles the company launches during that period. The team -- which has

a "significant restructuring" from a peak of 75 members to closer to 55 in the wake of the organizational shifts necessary for this style of production -- will return to the "very fluid and dynamic" and "very efficient" methods it pursued when developing episodic title Grimm for the GameTap service, in McGee's words. "It has not been terribly painful; it's been a good transformation, and it feels like a much more efficient organization," McGee said. He expects the studio to "do a lot more

, and maintain a much healthier work culture with fewer people." While he can't disclose details of the PopCap game, he said it's "a perfect example of the kind of games we're going to be working on." It's free-to-play, it will launch initially in Asia, it's multiplayer, and it's microtransaction-driven. "It's got all of those hooks in there," McGee said. The studio will pursue PC multiplayer online, mobile device -- primarily tablets -- and social network games. Beyond the